Much like plants, humans have fundamental physical needs such as breathing air, water, food, sleep, shelter and warmth. However as humans it’s our emotional and mental needs which can contribute to a happy and healthy life.

The fundamental principles of coaching are designed to uncover the truths which lie within us and to find the best possible way for us to approach our lives so that we feel satisfied and can live the life we want. The techniques of questioning and self reflection allow you to understand choices made now and in the past – these techniques help you to focus on achieving a life of confidence and where you are in control.

These  elements are not present in the natural world because cause and consequence occur outside of the control of everything – no plant or animal can control or affect the amount of rain that falls; no tree or shrub can seek extra moisture which is outside their own root system as they cannot walk to find it. As such, plants accept and tolerate the conditions given to them and even over time evolve to change to these conditions.

Whilst studying in New Zealand for my horticulture diploma I was fascinated by a term P.W.P… this refers to Permanent Wilting Point. This is the point at which a plant does not regenerate itself under the stress of erosion or trampling, lack of water, or wind damage. It quite literally means the permanent state of non regeneration and this is death.

As humans we attempt regeneration from many angles and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs divides the complex parts of what it is to be human and acknowledges not only our needs physically but also  our innate need for emotional and psychological fulfilment. These elements are which separate us from the natural world.

Life coaching in the garden offers you an opportunity for self-reflection whilst being in nature…  with the pandemic happening in 2020 we are all now being forced to re-evaluate our lives and what it means to be US.

Using simple techniques and setting achievable goals, we can work together to create a life which will support and nurture you.