Peace of Mind

The Gardening Companion

Combining life coaching and garden consultation to make the most of your precious space

Garden Planning

Gardening consultant based in South Leicestershire. 
My aim is to help guide and provide confidence to those whom are unsure of how to manage their garden and enhance their lives through the best use of the space.
With 30+ years of experience, I want to help you create your own back yard paradise

Life Coaching in the garden

This unique and transformational approach of life coaching in the garden uses the inspirational, informal environment of your own garden, where we can explore how you can design, create and cultivate the life you desire. Using the garden as a metaphor for current and past issues you can identify areas of your life which need attention  and begin to make the changes necessary to move forward.

Maximising Your Space in The Garden

Are you maximising your space in your garden?  Book an informal garden design consultation where we can guide you to make the most of your space and time.

Gardening Advice

Help and guidance on weeding, pruning, planting and cultivating your garden. Let me help you to become a more confident gardener.

Schools Projects

Creating school and classroom gardens need not be a chore or time consuming – using simple ideas, resources and clear planning let The Gardening Companion help you to integrate your outdoor learning environment with your curriculum.

Maximising Your Space

Anything from having a blank canvas, or unsure what to do next to create a beautiful space, I can consult with you on the best ways for your plants to thrive along with creating the right space for you to relax, work, play or be active in.

Garden Planning

Guidance on how to use your space and plants to their full potential. What to keep and what to delete are common issues with both new and established gardens. I can offer a new pair of eyes on your plot and help you to choose plants and features which actually not only serve your needs and desires, but which you can maintain with confidence.

Gardening Advice

If you don’t want to be paying monthly for the cost of a gardener, I can help advise on weeds, plants and the best soils within your garden. My aim is to boost your confidence in dealing with common garden issues, pruning, planting, watering, and weeding.

Life Coaching

Gardens can often represent our subconscious thinking. Incorporating Life Coaching whilst gardening is a relaxed way of discovering personal potential, creating space for exploration and inspiration


What People Are Saying

“Alison has really taken what we said on board and given us a new take on what we can do and practical solutions for ideas we liked but thought were impossible!”

Cressida, Leicestershire

Garden Consultation

 I was so fixated on the plants, planting and insects that I didn’t realise you’d gone.  Thank you so much for what you have done for us, we would never have coped with the area without you.”

Gina, Leicestershire

Garden Consultation

I’ve been so much better since coming to see you – hardly teary at all (which is most unlike me) – I think that you made things a lot clearer for me! Thank you for absolutely everything!”

Liz, Leicestershire

Life Coaching