New Years’ resolutions aren’t really for the faint hearted, nor are they for those of us who don’t want change.

We all know change has to come with consistent elements such as focus and effort.

IF however there is no FOCUS how can all our efforts be effective? This is where INTENT comes in to play – without intention there is no action, without action there is no consequence… (Aristotle told us this through the idea of ‘Cause and Consequence’).

Vision boards are an effective way of creating a visual intention of not only our desires but of our deeper thoughts about where we want our lives to be heading, or what we want to include in our lives. Making them is seemingly easy and yet if they are to be truly effective the time spent on them needs to be in 5 stages:

  1. Reflection – What brings me happiness in my life? What do I enjoy working on? Who do I enjoy spending time with? What material things do i want in my life? What are my values? Which areas of my life do I need or want to change? What new attitudes and actions do I need to include keep healthy and well?
  2. Decide on a TIME frame – most of us can achieve goals in a natural time frame, eg 6 months or 9 months, 12 months or 18 months – but rarely can we SUSTAIN the ideal goal for more than 18 months because – life gets in the way! So set yourself a time frame for when you think these goals can realistically be achieved.
  3. Drafting – Using a blank piece of paper and a pencil – sketch out areas of your life where you feel you need to change – give these a subtitle: Finances, Health, Travel, Relationships, Home, Diet, Work, Study etc.
  4. Cutting – With a range of magazines, slowly go through and cut out the pictures and quotes which represent the things you really desire in your life…be sure to tick them off from your draft as you go along otherwise you may find you have a lot in one category and very little in another ( a bit like life!). As you go through you may realise things you have left out of your draft and want to add them to it. Many pictures will be symbolic rather than an actual representation of your desire – but as long as it makes sense to you and you can connect with it that is where the intention lies.
  5. Paste/Glue/Pin – Now spread your pictures and quotes out so that they make a picture for you. You may want colour in the background or you may want a plain background for your vision board. I use a canvas to support my pictures and card as the background so that I can put my board on my wall as a piece of art.

Now hang your board where you can see it regularly – on the stairs, in the kitchen, on your door etc… keep it visible.