This is the best time of year to begin reconstructing your garden – you may wish to merely replant a border, or you may wish to tackle one of the larger projects in your plot.

Whichever it is to be there are some simple, necessary and reflective steps you should be taking beforehand. Remember that tackling one aspect at a time will actually be more manageable and achievable, even if you plan a total overhaul – choose one aspect of your new design at a time.1. Take several photos from different angles to ensure you have a 360° perspective – photos are invaluable for referring to as they show the detail you may have missed with one look or glance.

A simple plan

  1. Jot down the key reasons for change: e.g. more colour, more height with plants, creating a space to relax, creating a children’s area, somewhere to grow herbs, vegetable plot etc.
  2. Sketch the area onto a plain piece of paper and place the photos so that you can see your specific area of change. You must include permanent features and the aspect of your garden ( where the sun rises and sets , shade and full sun).
  3. Look at inspiration from elsewhere – pinterest, magazines, other gardens in your neighbourhood – you don’t need to visit formal gardens to be inspired. You could research talented garden designers and see what they have done… From here create a sketchbook of ideas.
  4. If you need hard landscaping – look out for local tradesmen as they can probably build the pond you wish, the patio, or the pathway at a reasonable cost.
  5. Visit your local nursery or garden centre to see the range of plants available and talk to the staff about the  aspect of your plot and the soil. They will provide you with advice on planting – take along cuttings from magazines and ask them which plants would achieve your desired effect.
  6. Think about possibly including a feature – such as a sculpture.
  7. Talk to other gardeners and see what they have done and how they did it – sharing your thoughts can be a great reflective tool for bringing in new ideas.
  8. Now you can begin the physical change you need – prepare the ground with compost, fertiliser or pre-weeding – get help if necessary – and enjoy!