Have you ever wondered why people connect through the vast array of social media?

What is it  that makes you feel the need to connect with others through social media and which creates the feeling there is something which you seemingly don’t have?

How can your garden help you to realign your values and perspective in this ever-changing internet landscape?

When I feel ‘out of alignment’ and ‘out-of-sorts’ it is the word ‘out’ which I focus on – what am I actually looking OUT on? What is OUTSIDE of my control that creates a feeling of alienation from things around me? Do I need to live my life as others dictate? Or can I find my own path and stick to it?

At these times, I look INSIDE myself – and go OUTSIDE (literally) into nature and the garden; I walk, I prune, I observe and somehow this very simple act of lifting my head up and looking around at my surroundings helps me to recognise the negative inner dialogue which has been triggered through looking OUTSIDE myself for the simple answers of what I should love, what I should enjoy, what I should wear, and how I should think in order to be successful.

When I really feel  at a loss as to what to do next I will often go for a walk in a park and focus on the trees.

Have you ever noticed that trees ask for nothing, expect nothing and take nothing – and yet every year they blossom, bear fruit and seeds, and grow.

Even in Winter, trees ask for nothing and remain solid and still, preparing their roots deep under the earth for the next cycle ahead of them. ALL trees have the same cycle – as do humans – seed, sapling, put down roots and grow… then begins the endless seasonal changes throughout our lifetime until our final moment.

And yet the different species of trees are seemingly infinite – we can try to categorize them (evergreen or deciduous), we see the leaf shape and colours and height and size – do we try to change the inevitable status of a tree? Do we attempt to change its inherent qualities?

A simple act of looking inside ourselves mirrors the life of a tree – if I were born a eucalyptus, then I may grow tall and strong or I may become stunted by the shadows of others and their imposition on my life. at least as a human I have the choice to move myself to a more fertile and productive environment.